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Winners Twitter contest treated to 4-course panga dinner

October 21, 2014 | News | No Comments

When do you experience that.. a cook in your house, that treats you to 4 super delicious pangasius dishes. Niels and Angelique from de Bilt were the happy chosen ones. Earlier this year they won the Twittercontest for a panga party: a panga dinner for 4 persons.

The scene was set on Saturday October 18th. Panga chef Geert, who surprised visitors earlier this year with exceptional pangasius bites at the Fish Trade Fair in Brussels, went all out for Niels, Angelique and the two friends Annelies and Carenne who were invited as well.

Geert started with a Thai Coconut soup with pangasius and shiitake mushrooms, which right away set the bar high for the rest of the evening. “Wow, that`s delicious….”, Niels exclaimed, and everybody else agreed.

For the second course Geert came in with incredible, tasty fishcookies, made of pangasius and green curry combined with a fresh cucumber relish. With this, Geert knew how to surprise his guests yet again: Green fish cookies… nobody had ever seen those before. But they surely tasted good!

Next, Geert served pieces of pangasius filet, baked in a crunchy way, with a polenta crunch on top of a bed of mango salad. That combination went really well together with a fresh and fruity Sauvignon Blanc wine that Geert had picked. Niels wanted to know everything about it, after which Geert gave him a few tips on how to prepare pangasius and the combination with white wine and Rosé.

Finally our panga chef appeared from Niels` and Angelique`s kitchen carrying a pangasius filet with noodles, marinated with garlic and soysauce. It turned out to be a night to remember. We are already looking forward to the panga party of 2015!