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The tastiest pangasius recipes soon in video on Your everyday fish

December 16, 2020 | News, Promotion | No Comments

Ever read a recipe and thought: well, that sounds good. But when you’re finished cooking, it looks nothing like the pictures? Your everyday fish has the solution for you. We developed cooking videos! Just do it as chef Mark does and you will serve amazing looking pangasius dishes in a flash – success guaranteed.

New pangasius dishes

We asked chef Mark Sietsma to create 5 special Your everyday fish pangasius dishes. He did not disappoint! From spicy Thai Tom Yum Pla to the taste of Italy with Green herb risotto, there’s something for all tastes. All having one thing in common, our Your everyday fish: pangasius.

Get ready for these dishes:

  • Pangasius Asian milk marinade with mushrooms
  • Hot pumpkin pangasius
  • Thai Tom Yum Pla soup with pangasius
  • Pangasius filet with sweet potato, red pepper, and green asperges
  • Green hurb risotto with pangasius

Ready, set, action!

The videos were shot in a beautiful cooking studio in the centre of Leeuwarden. To make this happen, we got chef Mark and the film crew – from the education Online Content Creator of NHL Stenden – together for a full day. And what a productive, energetic, and fun day it has been! In total, we produced 5 videos, which we will share with you very soon.

Stay tuned and get your kitchen ready…