Your perfect combination fish. 

Tasty ready-to-eat meal with pangasius!

August 2, 2018 | Innovation, News | No Comments

A delicious meal without much effort, isn’t that what we all like?

Have you ever heard of pangasius burgers? Or pangasius sushi? Lately, the shelves of supermarkets are more and more filled with ready to eat food. Those meals are not only the standard lasagne and spaghetti anymore. Ready meals from kitchens from all over the world can be found in the shelves of supermarkets nowadays.

Fish ready meals

Our attention was particularly caught by the many fish ready meals. Sushi made from all types of fish, even combined, and breaded fish are increasingly popular. It is out-dated that ready meals are unhealthy and boring. As fish includes many important vitamins, fish ready meals do so too. Besides the increasing variety of fish ready meals, other new developments include vegetarian and vegan ready meals. One of the reasons that fish, vegetarian and vegan ready meals are getting more popular is that those meals are more environmentally friendly than meat ready meals.

Which fish ready meal to eat?

Are you up for a fish ready meal but do you want some suggestions? A great fish for ready meals is pangasius. It is often used as a substitute for chicken because it has a similar taste, but it is way more sustainable. The list of pangasius ready meals is endless. Among our favorites are:

  • Pangasius nuggets
  • Pangasius burgers
  • Pangasius maki (sushi)
  • Breaded pangasius with tartar sauce
  • Pangasius fish pie

Have you tried another pangasius ready meal? Share your favorite pangasius ready meal in a comment below. Also, let us know where you got it!