Your perfect combination fish. 


Pangasius is a safe fish. We dare to say, more than safe. As part of the commitment to concerns about health and safety, the production of pangasius goes beyond the legal requirements as laid down in the international food safety laws. Pangasius fillets are produced in compliance with strict international food safety and quality management standards assured through BRC and IFS certification. Pangasius can therefore be fully trusted. It is absolutely safe for young and old.

Sustainable by nature

Pangasius is a sustainable fish by nature. That is because of its low feed conversion ratio. The following table shows the conversion ratio of the amount of feed that is needed for a pangasius to gain 100 grams in weight compared to salmon, chicken, pig and cow. It shows for example that pangasius only needs about 20% of the amount of feed needed for a pig.

Animal Feed in gr. Gain in body mass in gr.
Cow 870 100
Pig 590 100
Chicken 190 100
Pangasius 140 100



Besides, almost all of the pangasius sold in the leading retail chains in Europe is produced in a responsible way, with care for the local communities, workers and the environment. The responsible production is assured through ASC certification. Consumers can recognize it through the ASC label on the package.


Support of WWF

Since a couple of years, WWF is actively involved to support efforts to improve environmental and social responsibility in the pangasius industry and for companies to achieve ASC certification.  As stated by Jose Villalon, Vice-President of Aquaculture WWF-US: “Pangasius is part of addressing the world food security and we help to do that in a sustainable way”.