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Pangasius: participating in worldwide aquaculture growth

October 21, 2020 | B2B, News | No Comments

According to Gorjan Nikolik, Rabobank’s senior seafood analyst, the pangasius sector is promising the most growth potential in the close future. At the GOAL 2020 conference, he discussed how pangasius and other freshwater finfish are key when it comes to global aquaculture increase.

“Plethora of the dynamics”

“This is where most of the growth will be in volume and in value, all across the world. We saw what is happening in places like Bangladesh and Brazil and many others – this is a sector we need to analyze in more detail and hope to build more information to capture the plethora of the dynamics,” he said.

COVID-19 influence

Due to the global pandemic, 2020 will show a slight drop. However, forecasts tell us that 2021 will definitely show a strong recovery. With Vietnam and India respectively being the biggest exporters.


In total, 2.7 million tons of pangasius will be produced in 2020 globally. Many Asian countries that farm pangasius are doing well. But how are the pieces of pie distributed? Vietnam and India are respectively the biggest exporters, followed by Bangladesh. Indonesia and Myanmar both share a smaller part of the panga-pie.


Furthermore, China is also thriving in pangasius export. However, the country doesn’t share any production statistics. By consulting survey data, estimations were done suggesting that China will produce over 3 million tons in 2020. These numbers will grow in 2021.

Source: The fish site