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International blog trip Vietnam started!

August 24, 2015 | News, Promotion | No Comments

Bloggers from 4 countries fly to Vietnamese pangasius farms


See for yourself where the Basa fish comes from

After months of preparation the time had finally come: on Sunday we flew to Vietnam with a group of bloggers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Austria. We went there to see with our own eyes how pangasius is farmed and processed.

Our program consists of visiting a pangasius fish farm, having a look at the processing industry, and visiting the fish trade fair Vietfish. The things we are probably most excited about are the Vietnamese food and the cooking workshop.


Panga chef battle!

It promises to be an amazing journey! On top of that there will be an exciting Panga Cook-off, during which Dutch pangasius cook Geert-Jan van Soest takes on a contest with a Vietnamese chef who is an expert in preparing pangasius dishes.

We are thrilled! Vietnam is a real seafood country and is famous for its variety of fish dishes. Geert-Jan is known in the Netherlands for his innovative recipes.


Will he be able to become the favourite of the public? Follow us on Facebook at, or on Twitter @ureverydayfish, and stay updated!



The fellowship of the panga

The group of bloggers that comes along on this journey will report about their experiences on their Social Media channels. These bloggers are:




Sanneke Jansen from Eten Volgens Mij






Kris Herrijgers from Kris Kookt






Jan-Peter Wulf from Nomy Blog






Rosalie Ruardy from Moderne Hippies







Sonja Winkler from Ginger in the Basement







Hidde Jansen from One World