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Delicious! Swordfish?

May 13, 2019 | News | No Comments

Last week, Youreverydayfish visited the Global Seafood Expo in Brussels and had a blast of a time. Nothing is more amusing and enthusing than positively amazing people.

As pangasius specialists from across the world walked the grounds of the Expo, we offered them all a pleasant surprise. The Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Americans, Canadians and many other nationalities saw and tasted our pangasius treats and we were confronted with the most delightful feedback.

At first sight people thought they were being served mini omelettes or scallops. After tasting the bundle of joy people thought they had consumed swordfish, a surimi of some sort or a whitefish.

Of course, the latter came nearest to the truth because at the Expo our chef had prepared a bite of Pangasius Magic. Once our respondents knew what they had just eaten they were all amazed and could do nothing else than declare that it was Delicious. It was amazing to surprise so many people with our delicious pangasius appetites and of course we shared our pangasius recipes so they can cook it themselves at home!