The 5 most popular Pangasius recipes to cook at home that made our 2017 list include lots of garlic, a BBQ dish and tropical fruit.

Looking for recipes to make healthy and quick meals at home?

We’ve assembled a list of 5 recipes for you from our blog. These 5 recipes are the most popular recipes of 2017.

#1 Vietnamese fresh spring rolls with prawns, steamed fish and rice paper

A terrific combination of vegetable, prawn and pangasius with Vietnamese ingredient rice paper and fish sauces that you will love at first bite.

#2 Grilled fish with Mango Salsa

Try this great recipe for a summery fish dish.  It tastes just as good cooked under the grill as it does on the barbeque, so you can enjoy it all year round! Pangasius or is ideal for this dish.

#3 Pangasius Filet with Garlic.

A classic and simple dish that works every time.

#4 Oven fried Pangasius fingers with Mango Chili dip.

Another one of our readers favorites. Especialy the ones with children.

Watch out with the dip! It can be very spicy!

#5 Pangasius in Tomato Sauce

Tonight it is time for Pangasius to meet Italian cuisine. Is there a better place for pangasius fillet to be than to be submerged in tomato sauce filled with fresh Italian herbs? We doubt it, enjoy your meal!


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