Pangasius is a star, and here to stay.

—Libby Woodhatch – head of advocacy at Seafish, UK’s seafood trade body 


Pangasius is part of addressing the world food security and we help to do that in a sustainable way.

—Jose Villalon, Vice-President Aquaculture WWF-USA


“Grilled panga with fennel and rosemary, wow! My kids are really food critic but this is a a treat for them. All three of them love it, especially with some pepper on top”


—Joost van der Kooij | Globally Cool | enjoy food and drinks | try before you die | Netherlands


I love Thai fish cakes, and as a cook, I haven’t come across a better fish fillet to pepare fish cakes than panga. In one word: top!


—Geert van Soest, cook


Aquaculture products from Vietnam are among the best to find anywhere in the world


—Jeff Peterson, Director Quality and Control of Global Aquaculture Alliance – the leading standards-setting organization for aquaculture seafood


“Pangasius fillets are my absolute favourite choice to come up with creative dishes like pangasius-salmon rolls. Served with pasta, rice or fries……my kids love it!”

—Alfons van Duijvenbode, traveller, food lover and family-man


“Easy to cook tasty fish with a a low fat content and high level of protein… Perfect substitute for tilapia or any  white fish!!!!!

—Herre Visser, food lover and biker