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Kids love panga

April 15, 2015 | News | No Comments

Pangasius isn’t just a great ingredient for adults, children love it too! At a recent cooking session where our chef tried out his new panga recipes, the kids couldn’t get enough of the bite-sized dishes. Maybe because of their excitement for sushi rolls and fish nuggets, they loved the fresh tuna stuffed panga and cashew-honey crust panga.

Because pangasius has a neutral flavour, the possibilities are endless. It is quick and easy to prepare, making it an ideal fish to use even if you have a busy family life. You can keep it in the freezer, so you always have it at the ready for a delicious meal. How about a pangasius curry? You can make it as mild or spicy as you and your family like.

If your kids love fish fingers or nuggets, try making them with panga!  Or how about pangasius lasagna for an Italian twist? These dishes are also perfect for a fun afternoon of cooking together. You can let the kids dip the fish nuggets in egg and cornmeal, or layer the ingredients for the lasagna.

Check out our recipes and be inspired!

Thai Pangasius Curry

Pangasius Nuggets

Pangasius Lasagna


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