Experienced seafood importer from Belgium is a big defender of pangasius. He even refers to his grandchildren…
Pangasius is among the top 5 most popular seafood products. Exported to more than 140 countries around the world. A trusted and affordable product. Responsibly and safely produced.
Discover in less than 2 minutes what makes pangasius a trusted, responsibly produced and tasty meal on your plate.
Research at Wageningen University concludes that Pangasius is completely safe for human consumption. Toxic fish? Nonsense!




Healthy and tasty appetisers from pangasius including wraps, rolls, skewers and more.

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Mouthwatering recipes from the origin of the panga. How about spicy fillets and Thai curries?

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Fine French cuisine with pangasius fillets like 'pangasius provencal' or lemon glazed panga.

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The finest Italian pangasius recipes, like a pangasius lasagna and a tomato and garlic fillet.

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Quick & Easy

Quick and easy pangasius recipes; healthy choices for the whole family, and for single diners.

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Brilliant salad recipes, with whole pangasius fillet or dusted pangasius chunks. All healthy and delicious.

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Seafood combo’s

Find your hearty seafood combo favourite, whether it is going to be a gumbo or wok recipe, these pangasius dishes will surely surprise you.

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Whether you choose a traditional Asian soup or a more European asparagus variation, each pangasius soup will surely warm your heart.

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South American

Enjoy the South American spirit with a surprising pangasius tortilla or pangasius with Andean superfood like quinoa.

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Surf & Turf

You can call it Surf & Turf or Reef & Beef, but these surprising combinations of pangasius with meat, will always bring a smile on your face.

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Chef Tips

Pangasius with coconut curry sauce!

Posted on July 4, 2014

Make your own authentic Asian course! Have you ever tried to make Asian cuisine for your family? Bring them new delicious and tasty dish. Just combine pangasius with coconut milk, haricots vert, paksoi, fish-sauce, and curry paste. A healthy course is ready for your beloved family. Do not forget to serve this delicious dish with steamed rice. Watch the 2 minutes video and do it yourself!    

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Pangasius with celery onion salad

Posted on June 26, 2014

Explore the unique combination of pangasius and celery! With some celery, onion, butter, and of course, pangasius, bring a new taste to your family! All healthy! Our panga chef will explain you about the little secrets of the preparation. Watch the 2 minutes video and do it yourself!

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A surprising bite: Pangasius crust with mango

Posted on June 25, 2014

Surprise your guests with this pangasius with polenta crust, served with a mango salad. A feast in the mouth. Want to know how to do it? Watch the video.

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Pangasius fish cookies

Posted on June 25, 2014

Make your tasty appetizer at home with pangasius, curry, mint, coriander and egg. Your children will love it. Watch the 2 minutes video and do it yourself.

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Panga news

Pangasius farming: serenity more than anything else

Posted on June 27, 2017 in: Certification, News, Sustainability

Pangasius is subject to multiple scare-stories. The fish is allegedly farmed in the dirty waters of Mekong river, working conditions are poor and the fish is contaminated. It is all false, but how to counter this fake news? One of …

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Healthy herbs and pangasius

Posted on May 12, 2017 in: News

Since panga is a versatile fish, it can be combined easily with various spices. Many herbs have beneficial health effects. This makes your protein packed panga even healthier! Lemongrass: cures cold and fever Ginger: relieves heart burn Lime: relieves a …

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Panga: farmed responsibly

Posted on May 10, 2017 in: Certification, News, Sustainability

Did you know that the vast majority of the pangasius that you find in European supermarkets is farmed at ASC certified fish farms? The ASC trademark demonstrates that the pangasius  comes from farms that respect the environment and adhere to guidelines pertaining …

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The Vietnamese kitchen: it’s all about rice

Posted on May 8, 2017 in: News

It’s not very surprising that the Vietnamese kitchen has rice as its main ingredient. The country is known for its endless rice fields. Rice is the base of many dishes and also has lots of varieties. Who isn’t familiar with …

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Pangasius benefits

Over the last 10 years, pangasius has been recognized in markets world-wide as an affordable, healthy choice. An ideal mix ‘n match fish that fits every cuisine. A tasteful bite in salads, soups, curries, seafood combo’s and even combined with meat. A fish that pleases young and old. A fish we can truly call your every day fish!

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Pangasius health & facts

Pangasius health and nutrition

Pangasius is a healthy choice for families and particularly for people who pay special attention to a healthy diet, or a carb free diet. Panga is not only a source of Omega 3, it is rich in protein, and contains no carbohydrates. On top of that, pangasius does not contain saturated fat or sodium and is low in cholesterol.

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Sustainable & responsible

Pangasius as a safe and sustainable fish

Pangasius is not only a safe fish, it is a sustainable fish by nature. That is because of its low feed conversion ratio. Panga only needs 20% of the amount of feed needed to feed a pig and only 13% of the feed needed to feed a cow. Besides, a growing majority of the pangasius sold in the leading retail chains in Europe is produced in a responsible way, assured through ASC certification.

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Towards premium pangasius

Pangasius Chef Woman

Over the last 10 years, we have introduced pangasius to markets world-wide as an affordable, healthy choice. Safe and responsibly produced. But we want to go further. We want to offer our consumers world-wide a fillet that has superb standards, non-treated, with minimal water content and glazing. A product that we are proud of, that we can call a premium panga.

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Pangasius biology and history

Giant Pangasius

Pangasius is native to the Mekong delta region and a traditional source of protein for the local people. It is only since some 15 years that pangasius is exported. Today, to around 150 countries world-wide at a value close to USD 2 billion, providing not only a source of protein but also a stable source of income for millions of people in the whole region.

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Series of videos on responsible production of pangasius and the preparation of a range of extraordinary delicious pangasius recipes you would never imagine

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